Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Britny spear's love in naturalway

LUV of Britny spears

Britney Spears is back in contact with her ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib – as well as spending time with her agent Jason Trawick. Dad Jamie, who lives with 26-year-old Brit, refuses to allow former paparazzi Adnan, 36, in the house. But the pair have been texting each other virtually every day for the past month.In one message Britney declares that she’s still in love with him daughterand can’t ‘wait to be on her own’ and have her dad out of her life. But Jamie, 59, is pushing his towards another man – her agent Jason Trawick. The pair were spotted together on 4 July enjoying an Independence Day date on a yacht at LA’s chic Marina Del Rey.‘Jason’s been by Brit’s side for over 2 years,’ says a source. ‘But while Jamie may portray them as boyfriend and girlfriend, it’s just not happening. Adnan’s the one she loves.’

Britney Spears' airport attack
Britney Spears almost burst into tears on Friday after a clash between her bodyguard and a photographer turned ugly. The Gimme More singer was greeted at LAX Airport by a huge crowd of paparazzi as she arrived back in California following her brief trip to Louisiana to help her sister Jamie Lynn give birth.
More than thirty snappers swarmed around her vehicle as she attempted to make her getaway outside the arrivals terminal. The media scrum soon turned aggressive and her bodyguard was forced to step in to keep the photographers at bay, as a clearly upset Spears kept her head down.However, a fight nearly broke out when the bodyguard pushed a camera into a snapper's face, according to Airport Police Sergeant Jim Holcomb.
Meanwhile, the biographer who tricked Britney into thinking he was a photographer has revealed that Britney thinks she will die in the next six months. Amid all the claims of drug abuse, bipolar problems and suicidal tendencies, Ian Halperin states Spears told him personally she fears she will die at 27. The biographer, who ironically penned a book about Kurt Cobain - who lost his life at 27, tells Life & Style magazine, "She told me she feared she'd die at age 27 (her current age), just like other music stars, like Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain."Joplin and Cobain aren't the only members of the sinister 27 Club - rock greats Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Brian Jones all perished before their 28th birthday.

Saturday, August 16, 2008



.......Which is one of the naturalpan in the world.......

An insect that grows a plant from the top of its head and is said to have medicinal powers that can cure cancer. Cordyceps sinesis is a fungus locally called The YARCHAGUMBA, known for its high value in the traditional medicine market. It is used in Chinese herbal medicine and is said to be good for every headache, stomach aches, respiratory disease, arresting bleeding and dispelling phlegm to curing impotency. The YARCHAGUMBA is special to not only Nepal but also to the world . A North-western region of Dolpa and Humla, where it is found, is going through a gold rush of some sort. Every year, after the snow starts to melt in May , herbs hunters scour the sub-alpine region( a high altitude grassland located below the tree line of a mountain) looking for this strange living things. They grow at the altitudes of
3300-4500m. the word Yarchagumba means “herbs of life” in the local area lingo while
While Tibetans interpret it as “summer grass, winter herb”.

What is known as the herb of life is an ironically a rare species of parasitic lichen Cordyceps sinensis. Spores of fungus land on the head of caterpillars of the moth Hepilus fabricus. The fungus thrives on larvae that live underground tapping on its energy and eventually killing it. This result in the legentaryYachagumba.

Until recently, collecting Yarchagumba was illegal but this change once realized it could earn a lucrative amount from the trade while providing relief to the mountain people by following them to collect the herb. The government charge nearly Rs 20000 per kg from the business man for a permit while the moist who control chares Nearly Rs 5000 per kg from the collectors. A kilo of yarchagumba (around 3500 specious) today fetches anywhere between $2000-$5000 from Tibetan and Chinese traders. Depending on the quality and size of the product, middle man sell it in Thailand , Korea, China, India and Japan for approximately- $2800 per kg.
And, as is usually the case with natural resources, products based on the herb have already hit the market and cause a hankering for good health goods. Hence this plant can be beneficial to the country like both health wise as well as economically if used in the international market. So, come forward to protect this special plant and make our country recognized in the outer world .

Friday, August 15, 2008

Beijing Olympic 2008

AS the earth is only planet in the universe which has life in it. There are milloins and billions of beautiful things which are available only in this earth. Every one is well known that along with beautiful things numerous beautiful moments also happends in natural animals among them Beinging Olympics was also one of the Golden naturalpan of the human beings.

That's called natural beauty and is undoubtly naturalpan.We all love it and wants to see each and every beautiful moments.As the same beautiful moments is the Beijing Olympics 2008 Which was stunningsight in the history of Olympic.

Olympic ParkBeijing Olympic Opening Ceremony,'What a stunning sight!we had waited seven years for this moment - and with a sudden rush of activity, our dream was realised as an envelope was thrust into our hand. our eager fingers fondled the contents and brought them into view, where we could admire the glossy sheen of these warm-coloured tickets and the gleaming gold lettering which read “The Opening Ceremony Of The XXIX Olympic and it was a most satisf[Photo]ying and sensual feeling. Obtaining tickets for this event is so incredibly difficult - with the large allocations given to dignitaries, sponsors, team officials and media - it does not leave much remaining for the dedicated sports fan. When Beijing olympics started in 2008 at night, there was the feelling of the one world and one dream and the universe seemed to be in one Nest.